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Author Topic: Ehellions, I need your help to make this shower game - answer 1 short question  (Read 12427 times)

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Outdoor Girl

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The groom's parents flight will be delayed and they'll miss the ceremony
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rose red

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Flower girl or ring bearer will have a meltdown.

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The glass won't break.


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The couple will elope and the wedding won't even happen!
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The chuppah will collapse.
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The museum will host an exhibit of really raunchy erotic art.


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The bride's mother is afraid that the wedding cake will slide/fall/crumble.


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My first thought is that when the officiator asks, "Whoever knows of a reason against this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace," someone will speak up with an embarrassing objection.  But I don't know if they do that at Jewish weddings.  So I'll go with:

The glass won't break.


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That the bride will get left at the altar. First thing that came to mind for some reason. Curious to read the other responses now!


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I'm tasked with making a game for a friend's daughter's bridal shower.  We are doing a "Family Feud" game.  I found some ready-made, bridal-related sets of survey answers on line, but most of them are kind of boring, so I need at least one more, and here's the one we came up with.  So would you all please be my survey group?

Important: Don't read the other answers before giving yours!  Otherwise, we will be collecting too many answers instead of finding out what is the most common answer, the second most common answer, etc.

Here's the question.  Give one answer. 

What is the bride's mother afraid will go wrong at the wedding?

Here is some info that might be useful:
Wedding will be in late May, indoors, at an art museum in Bride's home town (and her parents' current city).  It will be a Jewish wedding.  Bride and Groom live in Chicago; Groom's parents in a third city. 

Thanks so much!

I'd say: An important guest doesn't show up. (sick, travel delay, etc)


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someone will get (too) drunk


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The rabbi will somehow not make it.


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Something will go wrong with the food/caterer.


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Someone will step on the train and tear the dress