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Author Topic: Is this ok to wear to late winter, afternoon wedding, with no dress code?  (Read 6090 times)

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Hi Ehellians!

Haven't been around for a while, hope everyone is well :)

I've previously written about weddings I've been invited to and being unsure about what to wear. This is another one of those!

SIL is getting married the last weekend of August , which here, is the last weekend of winter. I've checked the weather in the town the wedding will be and it says between 11 and 15 C for maximum temperatures between July and September.

The wedding is being held outside around 3pm. Followed by an evening reception.

I struggle to buy clothing at the best of times, let alone for more formal occasions. I'm plus size. very plus size these days.

Anyway I found a beautiful navy blue dress on ASOS. I checked and the bridesmaids are not wearing navy. In plus size, the only colours I could find were the same as the bridesmaids, navy, black or cream. Clearly cream was out and I didn't want to wear black so I thought navy would be great.

We got the invitation and it has no dress code on it. The invitation is pretty but doesn't give much away. Any inquiries have been met with "whatever you feel comfortable in" and I genuinely believe that is truly what is meant.

But i'm feeling a bit worried I might be too formal. So here is a link to the dress:

And I plan to wear a shawl over the top for the cool weather. On me, this dress is floor length, not ankle length.

What do you think?


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I think that dress is absolutely beautiful, and entirely appropriate.  :)

I always think that it's nice to take the opportunity to get dressed up, and it's always better to be over-dressed than underdressed imo (I think it feels much less awkward to be a bit overdressed).

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It's for an event more formal than most weddings I've been to (friends are a very casual bunch), but certainly not inappropriate. And it looks quite nice!

rose red

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What is the venue? A hotel reception hall, a fancy or casual restaurant, backyard, etc? If the dress is appropriate for the venue and tone of the wedding, I say go for it.
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I think the dress is beautiful, but as the owner of a very similar dress (mine is black!) I also think it might be a bit too glitzy for an outdoor wedding.  The actual location of the reception might inform the choice better, though.  I'd definitely look into wearing some tights under it to help keep myself warm.

Sites with nice plus-size dresses in a variety of colors and formality levels include ModCloth, eShakti, and Torrid.

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I think the dress is gorgeous and you should wear it, even if it is more formal than what other people might be wearing.   ;D

In this case, dress it down.  Instead of a shawl, wear a cardigan.  Stay away from the blingy jewellery.  Simple hair style, rather than a fancy updo.  Understated make-up, rather than a dramatic look.  Plain looking shoes.
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Lovely  and not to formal at all. Navy is a great choice.


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I think it's a great dress. Plus, with it being all one color, you can dress it up or down depending on your footwear, jewelry, if you wear a belt, and whatever you wear on top of it. At 10 C, I would need more than a shawl...probably something like a spring coat or trench coat. But I think it's a safe choice for a variety levels of formality.

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That is a gorgeous dress!    It is fairly formal, but not overly so.  I think it would be fine for a wedding (at any time of day).


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I think it's beautiful!


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I think it's perfect for a wedding.

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Beautiful dress.

Not too formal.

Perfect for an afternoon wedding.


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I would buy that dress in a heartbeat.  Add a colorful shawl or jacket and you're set to go for almost any affair.


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It's a bit dressier than I'd normally wear for a daytime outdoor wedding, but since the reception is evening, it looks fine. I like the suggestion upthread of dressing it down slightly for the ceremony and back up for the reception.


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Gorgeous and perfect.