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Author Topic: Dear Prudence - 7/14 - Son Elopes  (Read 10391 times)

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Re: Dear Prudence - 7/14 - Son Elopes
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2016, 10:31:13 AM »
Love how Prudie said that her son's wedding wasn't about her and stop trying to make it about her.

It's not about her, but if HC is expecting her to pay or help plan, she deserves a bit of respect. Eloping and not telling her and then having a sham wedding is not very respectful or adult. Either call it a reception or don't have one, but don't pretend to get married when you all ready are. That is deceptive. Mom should take a deep breath, wait to see if they tell her they are married, and if the HC decides to not say anything to her and excepts Mom to help plan the "wedding", then Mom can say to the HC, "Look, I know you are all ready married. I'm not helping to plan your 'wedding' anymore, seeing as you are all ready married."

I agree with this, if the scenario is that mom had been asked to pay/help plan. If she's steamrolling them, then I'm fine with the elopement but after a week they should have sacked up and told her.
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