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Author Topic: Sister leaves camping trip early, leaving our family to clean up her belongings.  (Read 19308 times)

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I'm a little confused. How did Sis get to the campsite? And why did she need to call her husband to pick her up?

Because if she drove to the campsite, she could have just slept in her car, with the doors locked, if she was afraid of the guy in the next campsite. And if she didn't have a car, she could have just asked if she could sleep in one of your cars. Perhaps not the most comfortable night, but she'd have been safe.

I get that something freaked her out, but I don't think she handled any part of the whole situation well.
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Doesn't the OP say that she arrived with their mother?

I agree that the sister didn't handle this well.  It's not cool to leave your mess for others to clean up.


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Yes she arrived with my mom.  I still dont get the whole thing and I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.


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When I first read the OP my initial reaction was to feel badly for the sister who left. I assumed that she was frightened for herself and her kids and just wanted out of there quickly. I was inclined to cut her some slack.

But then I read replies from and Sammycat and others and then I started wondering, "Wait, she was so frightened for herself and her own kids that she had to abandon her campsite immediately, but she thought it was OK to just go off and leave the OP and the OP's kids asleep there? If the man who was raking was really a threat in her mind, why was it OK to leave her sister there asleep?"

Very strange!


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I think she had other reasons for leaving and used the guy as an excuse.  It doesn't make sense that she would leave you there if she really thought it was unsafe. 

I think you can mention to her that if she feels unsafe again, she can leave, but needs to clean up before she does or come back the next day. You can offer to keep watch while she cleans up.


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How odd.

I think that I'd arrange some other way for Sis & her kids to join the family - possibly "camping" in a back yard instead of a camp ground where there are *strangers* in the next camp site.

I personally don't like camping - but it's due to too many camping trips growing up where I ended up with a touch of hypothermia due to sleeping on the damp ground without a waterproof tarp between us and our bedrolls (blankets - not sleeping bags) and the dampness just chilled me.  I don't like "roughing it".

I can't figure out why someone would take their children from an "unsafe place" but leave all of their stuff (after waiting 45 minutes for her husband to come get them - she had some time to pack up) and not telling anyone except her mother that she wasn't sticking around.  It seems overly cautious with her own kids and under cautious with the extended family members.
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I don't think I would go camping with sister again. She doesn't seem to be concerned about the safety of her extended family or being scared was an excuse and she was using extended family to clean up. She could have alwAys come back in the morning to clean up, that us what I would have done if I was scared.
Of course camp grounds are public places and sister can reserve her own campsite, set up her own tent and clean up all her own. But I would not be loaning her any of my equipment any longer because she has shown me she is not responsible enough to take care if it. If she went camping at the same site with me and did this again I would either call her and recommend she come get her stuff and  If she didn't I admit I wouldn't just leave it there but I wouldn't spend time being neat about packing and if this was a second time doing it I might hold it hostage for an explanation, apology, and assurances that it won't happen again. Mom should probably learn to share a campsite with you not sister so she isn't left holding the bag. Because a third time would mean I would be leaving all the stuff as is assuming sister us coming back or no longer wants the stuff.

Erich L-ster

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Were your tents near each other? I don't understand how she'd be that scared with you, mom, husband, 12 year old son and her kids in close proximity. That's a lot of eyes and ears on the off chance that there could be trouble.


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Moms tent was almost butted against hers.  We were in the next site over about 100 feet away.  We also had 4 dogs between us, with is having 1 and my mom had 3 in her tent. Now that I think about it, K's hub and called her Friday night asking if she was cold and should he come get her.  She had said no but I wonder if she had more similar conversations with him over Sat.


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Sounds to me like Sis just decided she didn't want to spend another night camping. Given that it was still early and an easy drive for her husband to come get her, I think she just decided to get a comfortable night and wake up in her own bed. The guy might have factored into her decision some, but not much.

It was rude of her to leave her stuff for others to pick up. If she didn't want to disturb the camp site by breaking down and cleaning up while others were sleeping, she should have planned to return in the morning to clean up her mess.

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I agree with others - rude, unreasonable and probably wanted to leave for other reasons.

If she truly was scared of the man she would have woken OP and her husband.  If you are the sort to feel calmer in a man presence OP's husband could have possibly soothed Sisters nerves or offered to switch tents.  The sisters could have slept together while "the man" took the tent next to the dangerous man.

People sometimes have their own agenda.  I worked for a woman who wanted to fire the man who worked with us.  She decided to use the long weekend to mull it over.  So I was left alone with the man on Friday and then Monday.  On Tuesday my boss arrived for work and said that early in the previous week she had learned some things about the man and felt he could be a danger to us.  So . . . she learns "info" and determines him to be a threat to us but then leaves ME, at the time a very tiny and young woman, completely alone with him for two days.  Yeah, this guy wasn't dangerous.  She wanted him gone for her own reasons but she needed him to work while she was on her fun weekend away.

I think maybe your sister didn't want the cold, wasn't having fun or whatever and used the "raking maniac" as a way to end the trip without being the bad guy in front of her kids.  Ditching her stuff for others was just her usual game plan.


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I'd be more than a little upset that she perceived extreme danger and didn't see fit to warn you and your family.  What kind of sister is she? 

rose red

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I'd be more than a little upset that she perceived extreme danger and didn't see fit to warn you and your family.  What kind of sister is she?

She did try to get her mom to pack up and leave. When someone doesn't believe me, they're on their own. And it sounds like mom knew she left by telling the OP "You do know K left last night right?" Perhaps mom even told K not to disturb the OP and her family.

The rude part is leaving the mess. Like I said in my previous post, I simply won't lend her anything in the future and won't pack up either. She can go back to the campsite in the morning to get back her stuff.
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Since you are all planning on camping again this weekend, I would say, "Sis, you owe me a camp setup and breakdown for what happened last weekend!"  Lightheartedly, but seriously, at the same time!

Then go and put up your feet while she does the setup/breakdown.  If she isn't willing to do it, she need to compensate you in some way--cooking, etc.
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Whatever her motives or fears were I'm stuck on the fact that she had quite a chunk of time to wait for her husband to get there and could have done all but the tent folding in that time (depending on the type of tent).
Even with little kids underfoot that could have gone in the mom's tent meanwhile.
So yeah, rude.

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