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Author Topic: Post-Bridzilla?  (Read 13877 times)

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Re: Post-Bridzilla?
« Reply #60 on: November 09, 2016, 07:06:12 PM »
OK, here's my stab at devil's advocate.

If the venue is not a "blank slate" and so dictates the décor, formality, catering (in house only, few options), and colors... I can see the irritation that someone is going to have almost the same wedding. I don't know that I would say anything aloud, but had my sister had the exact same wedding shortly after I did (hypothetically), I might be a bit upset. I can see how they are going to have a very similar feel, and that if care isn't taken, they will blend together in the minds of all but immediate family.

I still can't imagine caring about this, but I can see how someone else might.

In fairness, the details of two weddings are going to blend together in guests minds even if one wedding is Princess Diana's Big Day 2.0 vs Harry Potter Fanpalooza. Most guests would be hard pressed to remember the color scheme, theme, party favors & floral arrangements used in the weddings they've been to, unless those things fall into the extremes of "that's the first wedding I ever saw Really Creative Widgets at" or "the Widgets were so awful it distracted / offended / inconvenienced everyone"

I know many people who still remember one detail of my wedding vividly.  Our favors were kazoos (with our name and date on them).  Rest of my wedding is not as memorable to anyone but me and hubby.

Feel free to "steal" my idea - I couldn't care less.