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Author Topic: "Bring a dish to share" for EVERY event?!?  (Read 7740 times)

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Re: "Bring a dish to share" for EVERY event?!?
« Reply #45 on: August 08, 2017, 02:45:04 PM »
It's an easy pattern to fall into, if it's always the same group (or similar) group of guests.

My group does this frequently. We mostly all know each other from tailgating at a sporting event, I don't have season tickets (or even really much loyalty to the team), but that's where I first met everyone, and that's a very potluck-friendly environment.

Because of that, when this group gets together, it's really easy to always fall into the same mindset. Plus, only about half the group has houses that are suitable for hosting, so we all help with food to take some of the hosting weight off their hands.

I'm trying to brainstorm how to break that pattern and came up with a couple of ideas. One idea would be to find some like-minded friends and form a supper club where the main purpose of the gathering is to take turns fully hosting. The other idea would be to host a lot of events yourself so you can try to turn the tide and at least get others in the group to consider the idea of fully hosting.
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Re: "Bring a dish to share" for EVERY event?!?
« Reply #46 on: August 08, 2017, 05:07:52 PM »

Except one young guy that came in with a whole watermelon. No knife, no nothing else, just a great big watermelon. It was still there when we left at the end of the evening. :)

Well, I can see that he might have thought his hosts would have a knife.

That said, watermelons are hard to cut! I bought one for a barbecue at my in-laws, and I wasn't sure how we'd cut it. My son is very into swords, so I got him to bring the mostly-for-display katana he'd just got, and I sicced him on cutting it.

(Actually, I think I bought that watermelon -because- he had gotten that sword and was wishing there was something he could cut with it.)


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Re: "Bring a dish to share" for EVERY event?!?
« Reply #47 on: August 08, 2017, 05:46:52 PM »
Lol, yes, of course they had a knife.   But they also had some 80 guests outside.  They weren't going to leave the party to cut up a melon.  I guess he could've asked for a knife and cutting board and done it himself.  But he didn't.  He just put it down on the counter sheepishly and went outside.  It was no problem -- there was plenty to eat -- but it made me laugh.  In my opinion bringing an uncut melon or pineapple or something is more like bringing ingredients or uncooked meat.  I think that for a potluck, offerings should be ready to serve, perhaps only requiring a last minute touch or reheating. 

I would love to see your son cutting a melon with a sword. Fruit ninja!