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Sweet Sweet 16

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My co-worker's teenage son got an invitation to a calssmate's sweet 16 party.

The invitation specifies "entrance to the party is $10 in advance, $15 at the door." Apparently AFTER the invites were sent out her son brings home word that the "entrance fee" is supposed to be in lieu of a gift (backpedal anyone?).

CoWorker is hilarious. "Oh, NO. I would have sent him to that party with $10 and a card, but you want to charge an entrance fee?? H*ll No!" So her son will not be attending the birthday party in question. I wonder how many kids will attend though.

All I could think was... oh, my fellow eHellions will LOVE this story!

Evil Duckie:
I would not allow my children to ever attend something like this. This is tacky and rude to expect children to pay to attend a birthday party.

It is not a birthday party but a fundraiser. No, the hosts were expecting the entrance fee and a gift from each attendee. They can say no all they want, but by calling it a Sweet 16 party they were expecting gifts.

I have and will attend fundraisers for those events that I have decided to support, but never ever call a it a birthday party  and especially not for kids.

I can't wait until that birthday girl gets married.  If she's learning this kind of stuff now, over a birthday party, I can't wait to see what she thinks is cool when she's a bride.

(weeps for humanity)

One never charges an entry fee for a party! One charges an entry fee for a fund-raiser, and no Sweet Sixteen is an excuse for fund-raising.

If the family can't pay comfortably for the party, they shouldn't be throwing it. If they can, shame on them for trying to strong-arm the guests into paying for it anyway!

Clara Bow:
Is this party being featured on "My Super Sweet 16"??? Because I think that's the level of class we're dealing with here.
I'm glad you're not sending your son (not that I thought you would, I figured that one out before I finished reading the post). I hope attendance is sparse at best.


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