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Song Title Fun!

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Driving home from work today I was flipping through the XM radio channels.  On one station Olivia Newton-John's "I Honestly Love you" was playing.  GAK!  Quick channel flip to Boston's "More Than a Feeling."  That sent me into a giggling fit that lasted a few blocks!!

So.. let's play a game of song titles!  I'll start with a song title... next poster thinks of another song title that will somehow match up to the first one.  It works with groups, too!  For instance:   Bread - Meatloaf.  Madonna - Supertramp.  T'Pau - Wham! 

I'll start with a song title -

Drops of Jupiter  (ok.. I can think of a few other songs to match this!!)

Angel (by Sarah McLauchlin!)

Stairway to Heaven

If I am right, I add a song to "match" the song before me...

Wonderful World

"It's a small world after all..."


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