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Funeral: How Not To Deliver Bad News !!!!!!!!!!!

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If you followed country music at all during the 1990s, you might remember that eight people who were part of Reba McEntire's show were killed in (I think) 1991, when their small plane crashed.

Seven of those were musicians; one had the job title of "tour manager."

McEntire wrote in her autobiography about the crash, and about how the media reported the deaths of "seven musicians and the manager" of the Reba McEntire show. Since McEntire's husband was a different kind of manager for her (I think they call him "career manager") his children by his first marriage thought their father was dead, at first after seeing the media reports.  :o What a difference a few words, make, in reporting!

And recently, a local newscaster in my community made a pretty bad blunder when reporting a death, although here the issue was not so much about loved one's finding out that the person had died; they had known that before the news did.

The deceased was a young person who had several conditions and disabilities. One of which was autism. I think he had a seizure disorder and died of complications of that. A local newscaster posted that he "died of autism."  :o Can you imagine how freaked out young children with autism would be after reading / hearing that?

While it's common for people with autism to also have other health problems, including this seizure disorder, autism doesn't cause death.


--- Quote from: Twik on July 14, 2011, 03:55:28 PM ---My mother has an unfortunate tendency to start with, "I have bad news about so and so..."

And then tell the story from the start. The "start" being something like, "Well, there was this Big Bang, and the Universe started to form...."

I've been reduced to begging, "But what about so-and-so!" long before she reaches, say, the discovery of fire and flint tools.

--- End quote ---

LOL - I feel your pain ... My own mother is the very same way!!

In college, I listened to a guest speaker at a campus-ministry who told a story about being hit by a car and breaking his leg when he was in grade school.  Of course, cell phones weren't commonplace yet and his parents' employers had to be contacted via phonecall. 

His father's boss approached him and said, "Hey, first off, your son is okay- but he broke his leg and is at the hospital right now.  I'll sign you out for the day and you can head right down there."

His mother's boss stopped her in a hallway, took her by the shoulders and said, "Your son was hit by a car.  Get to the hospital right now."

Of course, poor mom came rushing into the hospital in hysterics to find dad and son (with his leg in a cast) watching cartoons and eating popsicles.  Mom was less than amused.

 I remember when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in Queens, New York a couple of months after 9/11. When it was quickly determined it was not an act of terrorism there seemed to be an attitude of Thank Heavens. Hey, 265 were just killed, but it wasn't by terrorism!  :-\

 Several posters have written about crass health care providers. I once had the son of a patient in the long-term care facility I worked in call and ask me if his father was going to "croak" anytime soon. I came up with some response along the lines of Well, we never know for sure about these things .... this produced a long tale of woe regarding how he was going to have to take time off work without pay and make costly travel arrangements to see Dad while still alive and he wanted to make sure Dad was close to croaking before he did all this.

 Ribbit, ribbit .......  ???


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