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If you post recipes in this folder, please consider the following...


Please consider reposting your tried and true recipes in the Cookbook Project folder.  All recipes in the Cookbook Project are destined to be published into a real cookbook and the sale proceeds given to a wonderful non-profit foundation called Room To Read.  Room To Read helps open libraries in impoverished countries in the belief that education and reading breaks the cycle of poverty. 


Could we have a party?  Please - albeit an unusual party.

Start a thread about a really good recipe then have us try it and then post pictures of us eating the new item.

I even have a recipe I would be willing to donate.

We could then keep the ball rolling with lots of dishes and pictures of people eating the dishes from all over the world prepared and eaten by someone who lives thousands of miles away from the poster.

I would have so much fun with this - you just say the word and let me off the leash to cook and snap pictures.

Of course I want to try other recipes that ehellions have from all over, I might pass on the rocky mountain oysters, but other than that I am pretty game.

Does that sound fun?

Just let me know - ya or nay - SKB

Sounds like a fun the Hostesses With The Mostesses/Recipe Requests folder.  The Cookbook Project folder is specifically for items destined for inclusion in the Ehell cookbook so that one would not be an appropriate location.

Regarding the cookbook project:

Do you wish it limited to food items only?

I ask because I have many recipes for things like beauty products and home-brewed wine.

One thing I'm curious about in this folder is the policy on reposting recipes from other sources. In this case, it's the America's Test Kitchen Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie recipe from this past season, which was just posted by Figgie. I'm not looking to jump on her, it's just that her's is not the first post that I've seen which made me question the source of the recipe. ATK makes you register on their website if you want to see the recipe, and I don't know if EHell would get into legal trouble if business entities found out people were reposting here. So is there a policy or should we just be careful?


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