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Hi all --

Our SCA folk are hosting an event - my local group has been lucky enough to prepare brunch for around 100 people or so. 

do any of you good people have crock pot or big roaster recipes that are simple to cart around? (60 mile between kitchen and site)

We are not sure if the site has a kitchen that WE can use.  So we thought that if we planned for crock pot, roaster, and cooler items, if we did get a kitchen it would just make it easier.

The event is on June 9th. so we do have a little bit of time to research some good food.  For the few SCA folk out there -- we are not all that interested if they are pre 1600 recipes - just tasty

thanks so much

Bread and cheese.  Cut up apples (sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent browning).  These are period-appropriate and also appropriate to all classes, I think. 

For something hot, you could have creamed chicken maybe?  Chicken was a noble's food but maybe you can entice them to share with the villeins. ;-)  If the nobles are selfish or you want lower class food, how about gruel?  Barley was most common but oatmeal would do in a pinch.

Some recipes, all for 100 people:

Creamed chicken:
1 lb butter
1 lb chicken fat
2 lbs flour
2 T salt
1/4 t pepper
13 1/4 qts milk
1 gal. chicken stock
30-40 lbs chicken meat, cooked and cubed
Make white sauce with first 7 ingredients.  Add chicken just before serving and heat thoroughtly.  Serve on biscuits.

You could add some mushrooms (about 2 lbs) to this and call it chicken a la king.

Bread for 100 would involve 6 to 8 1-1/2 lb loaves or 13 dozen rolls (to allow 1-1/2 per person).

Meatballs (to serve hot or cold)
30 lbs ground beef
20 eggs
10 cups stale bread crumbs
5 cups water
5 cups choipped onions
4 t salt
5 t pepper
Soak bread in water then add both to meat.  Add all other ingredients and mix very well.  Shape into balls and fry. (Fastest way is to use a *big* food cooker and deep fry in batches.  They're done when they rise to the surface.) Serve cold or stick in a crockpot with some tomato sauce.

Cabbage soup
5 gal. stock
4 cups each, chopped: onions, carrots, celery, peppers
8 cups potatoes, chopped
6 lbs cabbage
2/3 cup fresh dill
1 gal canned tomatoes
12 tins tomato soup (or use tomato paste and dilute with water)
Toss vegetables into stock and cook till done.

Soup stock
Cover 25 - 30 lbs soup bones with cold water and let simmer all day or overnight, with some celery and salt and pepper.  Strain and cool.  Pick the meat off the bones and add back to the stock.

Are you looking for period correct food or just anything that will travel well (makes a difference in what books I drag out)?

And you said that it doesn't have to be pre1600.  I missed that part.

Maybe I should go to bed! 

Will dig out some recipes tomorrow, though.

Thank you for your help -

This event is called The Rose Tournament, which involves getting together as many of the past Queens of the Middle Kingdom as possiable, who each sponser a fighter in the tourament that day.

(The past Queens of the Middle Kingdom are called Roses because of the circle of Roses on the Middle Kingdom device for the Queen.)

I have never been to one of theese things so I don't know if they would like more "Breafast type" foods or "Lunch type" food.

You all have posted so many good recipes that I just thought that I would ask if anybody had anything "new" we haven't tried.

Thanks again


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