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My honorary lil sis has gone off to college. I've known her since she was 12 and take great pride in having contributed something to the person she is now. And I'm a little teary eyed.

Well the poor dear has no kitchen in her dorm and the campus food is gross. So I'd like to send her some edibles, the minor issue being that I'm in Long Island, NY and she's in Seattle, Washington.

She does have a fridge and a microwave, if that helps.

So... what can I send and how do I package it?

If shipping will be a problem maybe you could just send her a gift card to the local grocery store.

The whole point is to send her something homemade. All she could buy at the grocery are fruit, veggies and snacks. She could get that at the school cafeterias too. That's why I'm trying to figure out how to send her a package. Even homemade cookies are better than storebought.

I would package stuff in vacuum sealed bags if you have a vacuum sealer. Pack them in popped popcorn (if you put it in a bag inside the box she has 2 treats in one) and off it goes in the mail. Just make sure that they are dry items that do not require being kept cold.

The other thing you can do is get her a meal package from someplace like Dinners-to-go. They are just off the campus at UW (I am assuming that is where she is going) You can go there and prep meals (very tasty ones at that) and take them back with you to heat up in the microwave or a toaster-oven. They are healthy and if she has a fridge in her room she can store them in there.

She has a fridge and a micro. I don't know how you can send her "homemade" you can do a few other things though.

You can make some of those "soup jars" you add whatever "dry" ingredients and spices and then put it in a jar. Then she can add water and make soup.

There's always easy mac. I LOVED easy mac when I was in school.
Ramen, cup of soup, Campbells makes some soup cups, canned tuna, basically any type of canned goods.

It might be a better idea for you to get her a college student cookbook like this one:
or a microwave cookbook like this one:
Or even a "cheap" cookbook like this one:
Then include a grocery store GC. I know there are even cookbooks that are nothing but recipes to use with ramen. I suggest going to amazon and just combining some terms you know fit her and see what comes up.


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