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Spaghetti squash?

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Just Lori:
I'm fascinated with this veggie, although I have never tried it.  What does it taste like?  Would my kids (and husband) know the difference if I mixed the strands with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella and baked it?  Does anyone have any good recipes?  We tend to be in the "anything is better with garlic, onions and pepper camp," so recipes along those lines would be great.  I'm definitely open to other recipes as well.


They'd probably be able to tell the difference by the fact that it is very, very thin, but it tastes good.  Sauteeing it in olive olive and then adding sauce and mozzarella should be tasty. 

DH and I are new to cooking.  I made spaghetti squash one night and DH sort of observed.  I took out the insides and then baked it as instructed.  I took it out and of course it looked nothing like spaghetti.  DH then started informing me that the insides I had scooped out must have been the spaghetti.  I was about to toss it when I touched it with my fork and it started shredding the "spaghetti."  We felt pretty dumb but it sure tasted good.  :-[ ;)

I love spaghetti squash! It has a very mild taste and a crispy texture. I like to bake it, then scrape out the "strands" with a fork and substitute it instead of pasta in your favorite spaghetti recipe.


I bake it, scrape out the insides, and serve with a marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, and maybe some garlic bread.

They'll definitely notice that it's not pasta, but it's very good on its own.

Everyone'll notice it isn't pasta, as its texture belies its 95% water content, but it's fantastically delicious.  We serve it with all kinds of sauces - from Italian to Indian.  It's an excellent light, delicious replacement for most dishes that ask to be topped over rice, pasta, or potatoes.  We've had success using it as a topping - from daal (Indian lentil stew) and thick sloppy joe mixture (ground beef/tomato blend).  It's kind of indispensible in our house.


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