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EHell cookie exchange?


We seem to have a number of EHellions who can make some pretty amazing cookies.  We also have a number of EHellions who like being outgoing and doing nice things for each other.  I propose


To participate:

First, reply here to let everyone know you're interested.  Then send me a forum PM or an email to the address on my profile that includes your name and mailing address.  Bake a batch of cookies, and pack some of them up for another EHellion.  (*See packing suggestions below.*)  I will do my best to match people up geographically so nobody has to send cookies internationally.

When I get your information, I will give you the name and address of another EHellion to send your cookies to.  Send the cookies and the recipe sometime this month, and shoot me another email or PM to let me know they were sent.  I'll follow up to make sure everyone who participates gets cookies.

Then sit back and enjoy the cookies you get in the mail!  If you have any specific allergies that are likely to show up in cookies (like peanuts), let me know and I'll pass on that info also.

*Shipping hints: for flattish cookies, Pringles cans work great for packing - eat the Pringles first, of course!  They hold a good stack of cookies, and if you cross out the words on the outside and tape the lid down, you can slap a mailing label right on the can.  If your cookies are of the don't-stack-well type, you can get inexpensive "disposable tupperware" which work well also, and again, if you tape the lid well closed, you can mail as-is or you can put it inside a box.


--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on December 06, 2006, 02:38:57 PM ---*Pringles cans work great for packing - eat the Pringles first, of course! 
--- End quote ---


I'm not in a position to be responsible enough to participate right now, but I wanted to thank you for the laugh!!!   :)

I wish I could play, too, but a cookie recipe exchange would be nice for those of us who cannot actually bake and mail cookies right now. Is anybody interested?

Edit: I just went back to the main page and saw the cookbook project with a thread for cookies. Duh! I'll go back there now.


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