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I'll probalby end up making cookies for my writing group this weekend, but I wish I could make something exciting and thrilling.  Plus, one woman can't do sugary snacks, so I'll bring her a string cheese.

I don't want to bring cheese and crackers because they'll get funky before I go home. And membership is really variable, so I have to bring food for 15 and assume only 5 will show up.

I did pumpkin muffins last time, but I don't think I have any more canned pumpkin. Brownies would work except for the sugar-restricted person...

Snacks aren't mandatory, but we're trying to lure writers back to the group, and one way I'm doing that is by mentioning the yummy snacks in every one of our newsletter updates.  :-\

Clara Bow:
Veggie tray!!! And maybe some chips and dip, or a bread bowl dip. Then some Piroulene to snack on for those who can have sugar...

Vegetable tray?  They have them premade in the delis now, for around $10 or under.  they're fine unrefrigerated for a short time, just keep the cover on till you serve.

A cheese ball with crackers instead of sliced cheese?  Most are meant to be served room temp, and the covering of nuts or seeds or whatever help them to keep from getting funky.  I have a good, simple garlic cheese ball recipe if you'd like.

Mini-loaves of nut/fruit breads?  You can make one non-sugary (can she have fruit?  Make banana nut bread)

An antipasto tray of olives, mini-pickles, salami slices and so forth?  Savory, not sweet, and the items are preserved, so room temp shouldn't be a problem.

My brain's a little fuzzy at this hour, but that's what I can come up with so far.  I'll post more later if I think of something else.  (Can you tell I used to do a *lot* of entertaining?)

     - saphie

These are good ideas! I hadn't thought of the veggie tray angle. And bread bowls might work, but I'm not sure because of the variability of the membership, but I'll look into it.


Also, don't discount the frozen food section for snack ideas. You could serve hot taquitoes, mini-pizzas, egg rolls... there are all kinds of ready to bake apps there.

Another hit would be shrimp and cocktail sauce. Most groceries have bags of already cooked frozen shrimp. Just buy a bag or two, put the shrimp in cool water to defrost and mound them up on a big plate with some spicy cocktail sauce. It's really not that expensive but it sure does look like it!


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