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The Marlboro Man?

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Several years ago, I was on a city bus.  This guy gets on with a big plastic grocery sack full of cartons of cigarettes.  He noticed I was rudely (sorry) staring at all these cigarettes.  I thought to myself "Who HAS that many cigarettes and why so many brands?

He must have read my rude mind, because he felt compelled to explain.  He said he buys them for the patients in the psych ward of the local hospital.  "Because they have noone to get them for them and they're all so miserable to begin with."

I suspect he knew of which he spoke.

Heh heh ... good man.

Once upon a time i spent some time in a similar facility. I'll never forget when my dad came to visit he said that if he won the lottery that week he was going to have a truck pull up & dump cartons of cigarettes on the front lawn. It still makes me smile to think about.

I was in that part of the hospital at one point in my life and my dad would bring me cigarettes as well. They were the best part of my day back then.

We should start a club.

Psych Ward Alumni.

Count me in!

They let you smoke inside at the psych ward?

Homeless people really appreciate getting cigs.  I'm not a heavy smoker, so on the street I have them to pass out.


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