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Signs that crack you up

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I saw a sign in a boutique window the other day that said "Solicitors will be asked to buy something they really don't want."

I also saw a sign that had me rolling with laughter while I was in China a couple years ago.  I'm very understanding of poor translations (although they can still be amusing), but this one was just priceless (I have a photo somewhere....).  It said "Making the well education system into each normal family."  The kicker?  The sign was an ad for the Golden Apple English School.

Anyone else see a sign lately that really cracked them up?

in a collectibles and comics shop:
Any loose children will be sold to the highest bidder.

In the same shop:
Sorry, we're

Okay, so it wasn't intended to be a funny sign, but one late, slightly inebriated night, my friends and I couldn't stop laughing at a road sign.  It said...

... Okay, so maybe the context of it being my hen's night maybe coloured our perception of what "load" it may have been referring to ;D

Sandi Papaya:
I was amused by the label on my butter that I just bought the other day:

"Contains milk."

No, really? Butter has milk in it? You don't say!  ::)

The barn I board at has a custom sign they had made that says "All loose and unsupervised children will be sent home with a pony". (I laugh over the loose part too :))


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