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Signs that crack you up

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Had to revive this thread because a friend of mine reminded me of one yesterday that I still can't get my head around.  MyCity's largest industry is military and space research and development, so almost all of the signs and billboards at our airport feature helicopters and space shuttles and the like.  (Which has always made me wonder: do they really have that many people flying into our airport who are in the market for troop transport helicopters that it's worth the money to advertise?  I mean, they don't put a phone number on there for where to order one . . .)

Anyway, the ad that's confused me for ages was the one with a majestic ICBM (missile) soaring across it, being plucked out of the air by a badly-photoshopped bald eagle in front of a waving American flag.  The only thing missing is a caption like "America: we're *bleep*ing awesome!"

What gets me, though, is what exactly is this advertising?  "Our missiles are so slow that an ordinary eagle can catch them?"  "Our new eagle-shooting cannon is so fast the eagle ends up going faster than an ICBM?"  "Free eagle with every ICBM purchase?"

A sign blunder in PA: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ephrata-Spelled-Epharta-in-Road-Sign-Mistake-365243.shtml

This Florida road sign has been posted misspelled twice!

"Your wife is HOT

Better get her A/C fixed"

Except the first line is HUGE and the second one is a bit smaller.

Julia Mercer:

There's an auto repair place close to my house that has a lovely professionally made banner hung across the front. It says "Break Jobs Done Here".

You'd think that the last thing an auto shop would want to advertise is a "break" job..


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