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Signs that crack you up

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I couldn't help but laugh.....

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I made it to the sign for the carpeting company before I laughed out loud.  How far did you get?

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not far....I was laughing at about the second one :)


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This isn't a sign.  It's the name of a band but, how can you not love a group named 'Trampled by Turtles?'

Friends of ours had this sign posted on the mailbox at their house yesterday for their housewarming party in the backyard:

Welcome to the ___s' cookout.
First impressions in front, party in the back.
Just like the mullet. Remember the mullet?

Below that, there were two little "check boxes."

Come on back and pour yourself a beer.

Sorry, we'll need to see some ID. Come on back and pour yourself a Pepsi.

My name is Lisa.  I sent this to my husband...but told him that he should substitute his own name.  Or not  ;)


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