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Signs that crack you up

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Midnight Kitty LOL at your mom.  That's hilarious.  I will also never forget that whenever I see those signs now.

Not exactly a public sign but good for a giggle nevertheless.

Our office went through a phase in which everything had to be clearly labeled.  For example, the clear, plastic box containing pens had to have a label saying 'pens'. 

Mostly, we used basic copier paper but, for nicer letters, we also had a box of bond paper.  Like everything else.  It had a big label saying 'bond'. 

Someone added, 'James Bond'. 

Our local gas station has gas for "$31.5" per gallon. (the decimal point is on the "1" card.)

I know gas is expensive, but wow! :o  ( ;) )

Although the sign is hilarious, just the name alone cracks me up. You can imagine what I am talking about...


"Los Pollos Hermanos"

I have not watched a single episode of Breaking Bad. Yet I find the name alone hilarious. And the logo can put me in stitches.

The Law Offices of Fait, Wise and DiLima - which I read as Fate, Wise and Dilemma and think "what a great name for a legal group"   :D


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