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Signs that crack you up

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Please think of the kittens!!!

Noooooo! Anything by Sarah McLachlin ASPCA ads!


--- Quote from: cwm on September 04, 2013, 01:58:38 PM ---During countless summer vacations, we would drive through mountains. And there was a drive near our zoo where they'd have the same sign, "Falling Rock".

--- End quote ---

I often see 'Fallen Rock' signs.  They always trigger a mental picture of a craggy rock, dressed in fishnet tights and a black mini-skirt and too much make-up...

Yes, I am strange, why do you ask?   >:D

Midnight Kitty:
My family used to camp in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains when I was growing up.  There were frequently signs that read "Watch for Falling Rock."  My mother was a natural storyteller* who would make up stories to keep us kidlets entertained on the long drive.  She told us the "Native American folk tale" of Falling Rock, the son of an important chief who got lost when he went into the forest for his manhood survival test.  His grieving father put up signs asking people to help him find his lost son - Watch for Falling Rock.

I still crack up every time I see that sign. >:D

*I say she "was" because now she forgets the punch line.  She still remembers the long story; She just forgets the point. ::)

Midnight Kitty LOL at your mom.  That's hilarious.  I will also never forget that whenever I see those signs now.


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