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Signs that crack you up

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Someone made some fantastic fake signs for the London Underground.

Julia Mercer:
This wasn't a sign per say, but as I was listening to music on my Itunes, I looked up and saw this title/album combination, and it cracked me up! Mods, if it is in the wrong folder, please move.


--- Quote from: whatsanenigma on March 20, 2014, 06:21:57 PM ---I always laugh at signs that say "must be 21 to enter" on bars, or "must be 21 to purchase alcohol" in stores.

I always think, well, I haven't been 21 for quite a few years now.  Am I still allowed to enter the bar, purchase the alcohol, whatever?

I know what the signs mean, of course, but I wish they would include the words "at least" or "or over" or something.

--- End quote ---

Sort of like, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." I wonder, "Is it OK to come in without pants?"

From near my sister's house.

Range &
All others
will be towed

From Bannack Park in Montana:

          HORSE TRAIL
No Horses Beyond This Point

(I could see what they meant, but it was still pretty funny.)


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