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Signs that crack you up

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--- Quote from: whatsanenigma on March 20, 2014, 05:21:57 PM ---I always laugh at signs that say "must be 21 to enter" on bars, or "must be 21 to purchase alcohol" in stores.

I always think, well, I haven't been 21 for quite a few years now.  Am I still allowed to enter the bar, purchase the alcohol, whatever?

I know what the signs mean, of course, but I wish they would include the words "at least" or "or over" or something.

--- End quote ---

Sort of like, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." I wonder, "Is it OK to come in without pants?"

From near my sister's house.

Range &
All others
will be towed

From Bannack Park in Montana:

          HORSE TRAIL
No Horses Beyond This Point

(I could see what they meant, but it was still pretty funny.)

This one

Banner type says

“Please do not enter the dangerous area beyond this gate! You quite possibly will be hurt, then you will sue, then a protracted court battle will ensue exhausting your financial resources and you will lose because this sign that warned you will be ‘Exhibit 1′.”


This one is French.  I have no clue what information it's trying to convey.


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