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Signs that crack you up

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The reflective nothing-remotely-close-to-see-through sunshade I bought for the car windshield: do not drive with sunshade in place.

I don't remember where this was: in a stairwell with a low ceiling once you got about half way down, there was a picture of a duck.

T'Mar of Vulcan:

--- Quote from: RainhaDoTexugo on September 27, 2007, 11:03:56 PM ---Anyone else see a sign lately that really cracked them up?

--- End quote ---

Well, we have a magazine here called Getaway that publishes books of weird and funny signs.

One, on the gate of a road leading to a farm says (in Afrikaans),

"Maak toe die bleddie hek!"

which in English means,

"Close the bloody gate!"

I guess they had a lot of people leaving the gate open...  :D

I was in TN a few years ago, and we passed a VERY well known Pizza chain. The Marquis read "Think you can handle 16 inches?"

It was for their New Yorker Pizza! I thought my brother and I were gonna die! I had to turn around and look again!

Well, at the bar where I used to work there was a sign on the back of the break room door that said;

"SMILE! You're about to go on stage!"

And underneath:

"Remember - BE NICE!!!"

Given this was a bar where the patrons would happily throw Budweiser bottles at the staff, we really needed that reminder.

Harriet Jones:
One time I was visiting San Diego and kept driving by a sign for "Laser Hemorrhoid Removal" with a *huge* laser graphic.  I'd cringe every time.


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