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You know those super yummy incredibly addicting frozen taquitos you buy in the grocery store?  you fry up some of those, put them on a plate, put a nice layer of cheese on them... heaven on a plate!

Well, tonight I made my own :D 

I put a whole raw chicken in a large stock pot with a pack of taco seasoning, some garlic, onions and red pepper flakes.  I let that cook aaaaaallllll day. (This is the stuff I use when I make my filling for enchiladas).  After the chicken was cooked and I could stand the heat, I shredded it.

Then I set up my assembly line.  Chicken, grated cheese, corn tortillas.  I zapped a few tortillas in the microwave for a bit until they were floppy soft.  I quickly put a small amount of chicken in that with a little bit of cheese.  Probably total 2 teaspoons of chicken and cheese, combined.   Then I rolled it up.

I had the oil nice and hot, held that baby with the tongs, making sure to hold the rolled up thing closed, and held that in the oil for a minute.

dayam, I'm HOOKED.  Ya, a bit more work, but a thousand times better than the frozen ones!

Sounds yummers-I'm going to have to give this a try! i love taquitos-I like dipping them in salsa con queso-mmmmmm-comfort food!


I love taquitos.  I made them once, using beef.  It was sooo much work. I just buy the frozen ones now, lol.


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