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I created an entirely new category for the forum after reading several threads where people used etiquette hell approved phrases when interacting with people or in awkward situations and I realized that showcasing these instances would be a great way to put real life examples of how these phrases work so that people can learn from others. 

The idea is to post a story of a real life situation, in the appropriate board, of a phrase you used to great effect.  Eventually these boards will act as an archive of numerous situations these phrases will work.

Just be forewarned, however, if you post a story and you really didn't use the phrase well, in typical EtiquetteHell fashion, your fellow members may tell you.

Suggestions for other "phrase boards" for this category can be made in this thread.  If you know of a thread that could be moved to any of these boards, PM me the link. 

"Why would I want to do that?" is one of my favorite. Said in a tone of polite inquiry.

Thank you, sounds like a good, new category.  I would welcome wisdom in this area.  As a rather shy 51-year-old, I cannot tell you how many times a good response would be.  I usually think of those responses a few days later.

How exciting!  Three more topics to comsume my life!  ;D

Great idea. I'm a bit of a pushover, and I'm collecting these phrases as armour against the world.
I love 'Why do you ask?' and 'What an odd question!'


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