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I was waiting for my chiropractor in the waiting room, and she came out to the front area with some other patient, and he said, "Great!! I feel better!! Maybe I should just pop in from time to time and get you to adjust my back for free!"

She said, "Why would I want to do that? This is how I make my living."

He hemmed and hawed about how many people she must see in a day for $40 per pop, and that she must be raking it in (Forgetting of course, that she went to school for a long, expensive time to learn this skill, and that what he pays is not what she takes home - she has insurance, association fees, office expenses, staff to pay, etc., etc.)

She then said, "Oh, well if there's something you do and you'd like to barter, I'd be happy to discuss it."

He didn't say much after that.

I thought she handled it well.

Why on earth would he really think that she would adjust him for free?  40 dollars is a good price. 

My chiro gets that a lot too. He'll also offer Saturday appts till 12. He doesn't make that well known, he tends to only do it for long time patients, like DH and his family who have been seeing him for 20 years. He has started getting people complaining about not working past 12 and not offering Sunday appts! He comes in as early as 6am for patients and will stay as late as 7, and they don't think he's open enough? He's got good prices too $30 per adjustment... some people are never happy.

My chiro will give me a free session every once in awhile, but because I can't afford him very often. (He can connect the dots easily enough--broke college student...doesn't come as often as she should...) So if I have to go, he'll adjust me, and if I need a follow-up he'll only make me pay for the original session. But then, he's family too.

But asking for a freebie? I would NEVER. Even though he's family! And a genuinely nice guy!

I got WAY lucky with my chiro..

He accepts my med insurance, charges $20 a week, and I can go as many times as I need to.

They also do massages....emmmmmm.....yeah....I have to watch it...I've almost used up my allotment.

They also give gifts for referrals...I referred a girl I worked with and I got a $40 gift card for dinner AND a $20 gift card for a movie...I love my chiro!



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