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Health food again..... *Sigh*

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You all probably remember the health food nuts from my previous post (I used a different N word to describe them but I will call them nuts here because of previous objections).

I normally try to avoid the health food nuts like that plague but I got stuck doing group work with one of them today in school. She said, "I hope class is over soon. I have to go to the bathroom." I said, "You and me both."

Health food nut surveyed my appearance and I could tell she was thinking about my weight. She said,"You go to the bathroom an awful lot. You probably have diabetes."

I was tested recently for everything under the sun and I don't have diabetes. Rather than explain that though I said, "What an interesting assumption. Did you find any information about X in the textbook?"

I'm so proud of myself for using the E-hell phrase!  ;D

How did Health Food Nut respond to The Line?

Did she get the true message?

She didn't say anything but I think that's because I managed to distract her.

Good for you!

You also distracted her with another version of "Have some bean dip"

Awesome!  Congrats!

It's become like a support group around here and I like that  ;D


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