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Cousin of bean dip? The redirect...
« on: December 09, 2014, 11:33:38 PM »
We were at the rehearsal dinner after party at a family wedding the other day. I met so many new people (only knew the bride, groom, DD, and DH!) that I can't be certain who said what other than what I said, but I think it was the groom's mom. In retrospect, I don't think bride's soon to be MIL meant to down talk the bride but rather said somethingn clueless. I think I did alright...

We were at the bride and groom's house. DD said there were a lot of pretty decorations*. Groom's son's GF mentioned how bride had decorated a lot. MIL said, "Yeah, but she could do so much more." Initially, I took that as a dig at the bride, so I said, "I have no room to comment. My idea of decorating is an Army of Darkness poster on the bedroom wall." Everyone laughed and the subject changed.

Having gotten to know the MIL better after that, I think what she meant to convey was that she had a lot more ideas she could share. Her tone of voice and words didn't convey that, but as I talked to her more, I realized she said a lot of clueless things and didn't always mean exactly what she said.

* Come to find out, they were all wedding decorations! They were beautiful!
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