Etiquette School is in session! > "Have you tried the bean dip?"

My DH used it!


I have "trained" him well (thank you Bill Engvall!)

We were visiting his parents recently, and without going into gory details, they have an interesting branch of their family tree. A branch that the family has attempted to prune several times, but it's too thick to go down (oh, I love double-meanings!) I love my in-laws, but they seem to feel the need to talk about the crazy antics of this branch every time we go visit. That's when I usually get up and go to the bathroom. But we were out to dinner with them and an uncle, aunt, and cousins this time, and I was, of course, stuck in the part of the table closest to the wall. They start talking about the branch, this time spreading rumors about some type of adulterous affair going on, and it's starting to sound like the plot to a really bad soap opera when aunt turns to DH and asks him his opinions about the branch.

DH, without missing a beat, turns to me and says "So, Honey, how 'bout them Cubbies?" (knowing full well during baseball season I bleed White Sox black and white and there's no love lost for me about them Northsiders). My face must have said it all, because his family started laughing, and they started in on football (me being the rabid Bears fan amoungst a group of Rams fans). When the conversation turned to their farms DH leaned over to me and said "It worked better than asking you about bean dip." I laughed 'til my sides hurt.

Spend enough time on these forums and it can soon rub off on your spouse!

I am glad this forum is rubbing off on your DH!  He is also getting creative with it!  8)

My response is usually something like

"Awkwardness, party of five?"  *say in hostess voice* and just change the number to fit however many people are involved in the awkwardness. It kind of stumps some people enough to be silent to try and figure it out, and byt hen the moment is gone!  It also makes a light reference to the awkwardness they are causing.  Works for me every time.

That is too funny jaysgrasshopper!  That is a good way to defuse the situation with humor.


--- Quote from: Shortcake on October 03, 2007, 12:19:05 PM ---That is too funny jaysgrasshopper!  That is a good way to defuse the situation with humor.

--- End quote ---

and the Party's Name can be changed accordingly! Such as when I can't find something in a store and the clerk points it out right in front of me, I say "I can't believe I missed that!  Idiocy, Party of One!"    or "Embarrassment, Party of One!"   ;)


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