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Author Topic: You should cook because you're a woman UPDATE p#49  (Read 7946 times)

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Re: You should cook because you're a woman UPDATE p#49
« Reply #60 on: Yesterday at 12:59:06 PM »
I think I would have said "I'm obeying my husband and getting a job. Are you trying to tell me to go against his wishes?!"  Just to get a rise out of the guy.

Oh, that's just sneaky.


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Re: You should cook because you're a woman UPDATE p#49
« Reply #61 on: Today at 02:54:22 PM »

I really understand your feelings about vacuuming and cleaning toilets - I've struggled with feelings of worthlessness at times. At my best, I now feel that it's not my work that removes value from me but me that gives value to my work, because whatever I do is worth doing.
What a wonderful perspective Tini. Thank you for sharing that.


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Re: You should cook because you're a woman
« Reply #62 on: Today at 03:16:05 PM »
Thank you, Tabitha.  I feel very encouraged and comforted by what you said. ((HUGS)) Thank you. :)

It was very disheartening, especially when I did finally manage to speak to the pastor.  He basically just told me that I should be happy being a housewife, and that women in the workforce just take away from men who have to make a living for their families.   >:( >:( >:(

I said what about my family? He answered that I should be content with what my husband brings home, and to learn some new less expensive recipes to economize if he doesn't earn enough, but that I should stay out of the job market for men who need the jobs.

I lost my faith for a time.  That's why I was so messed up and just couldn't post an update for a while.  I couldn't write it without it turning into a major rant (which is against the rules here), so I had to stay away from the topic to remain calm.  I feel better now.

I've given up on my job search and am staying home to be a housewife.  Not because of what the pastor said, but because I just need a break from the years of constant rejection. I have to figure out what direction to go with my career and find out what I'm actually good for.  Right now it seems all I'm good for is vacuuming and cleaning toilets.  But, at least I'm doing something useful. Hopefully, I'll come up with something in regard to my career in the future.  At the moment I'm leaving it up to God.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that we are getting a new pastor. Praise God! Fortunately, my loss of faith in God was not permanent, and I'm working to restore that relationship.  Hopefully, the new pastor will be able to assist with that.  Amen.

That reminds me of a pastor we met with when we were planning our wedding. We're not terribly religous people, but wanted a church wedding. We approached the pastor of a church I had attended years ago, as a teen. I had been friends with his three daughters. He consented to meet with us and during that meeting he told us the following:

-God loves men more than he loves women.
-The hierarchy is God, Jesus, men, women, children then animals.
-Women should not work outside the home, unless their husband tells them to. But if they do, it should only be in "feminine" professions like teaching or nursing.

We did not get married in his church.

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