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I was bridesmaid in a wedding approximately 1 year ago and unfortunately no longer have any contact with the bride (her choice not mine).
It all started with her wedding.  I was appointed as second bridesmaid for this wedding and because the matron of honour had just had a baby I was left organising the majority of the Bridal Shower and Hens night.  This is fine because I like the Matron of honour and I was very happy to do this for my friend that I have been best mates with since the beginning of high school.  The night before the wedding I stayed at the brideís house and supported her though a very nervous night etc.  The other bridesmaid chose to stay at home.
To cut a long story short a week before the wedding we had all types of problems with the bridesmaids dresses as the lady fixing them up made them too tight for myself and the other bridesmaid (the brides sister the third bridesmaid). To fix this they had to be let back open so they went as tight and unfortunately the material frayed slightly.
On the day us bridesmaid look beautiful,  It came to the reception and on the way there the sister of the bride actually split her dress slightly getting into the car due to the fraying the week before.  Well when arriving at the wedding she was met by the evil sister in law (twin sister of the groom) and told she was too fat for her bridesmaid dress.  This made the sister very upset.  To top it off the evil twin said to her as well that she has heard a lot of news about her husband and none of it was good.  Which made the bridesmaid very upset for the rest of the evening.  I spent the evening consoling the poor bridesmaid saying that itís all ok and that she definitely isnít to fat for her dress (which she wasnít and she looked gorgeous).  Also being part of the bridal party I thought I would introduce myself to the people I didnít know (the evil twin included as she lives interstate).  She goes to me real nasty "and who are you"  I just decided to ignore the comment.  But at the end of the night she comes up to me and goes "you know you really should of shaved under your arms"  "all you bridesmaids should of"  "you looked terrible"  This really blew my top then as I had had my underarms waxed a few days before and when mentioning it to the grooms mother I was told "oh she is just drunk". 
The next day the bride was told of the situation and it was all turned into my fault and the brides sisters fault.  The evil twin didnít do anything wrong and I was told that "she would never of said that".  Now the bride no longer talks to me but the new sister in law is so fantastic and does nothing wrong.  The matron of honour has supported the bride and evil twin even thought the twin included her in saying she had hairy underarms and looked terrible etc. 
Maybe I should just forget it but this bride was one of my best friends and it hurts me that she blames me for ruining her wedding. 

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Oh Honey, don't give them another thought and don't let it hurt you any more.
They sound like they 'Deserve' each other.

And you sound quite nice, anyone with half a brain would have stood up for you, not the drunk SIL.
Try to be happy they are NOT around you any more.


This sounds like a toxic friendship the OP is better of without.

It would hurt for a while, but I think in the end I wouldn't feel too much pain at the thought of losing the friendship of someone who would turn on me at one word from a spiteful drunk.


--- Quote from: Gileswench on January 14, 2007, 03:39:37 PM ---It would hurt for a while, but I think in the end I wouldn't feel too much pain at the thought of losing the friendship of someone who would turn on me at one word from a spiteful drunk.

--- End quote ---

Exactly.  While I can understand the bride's desire to not listen to bad things about her SIL, she still should not have dismissed her friends' complaints as lying.  Since the bride apparently trusted the OP and her other friends enough to include them in her wedding party, she should have given them the benefit of the doubt for the sake of their friendship.  The fact that the bride did not give the OP and her other friends the benefit of the doubt demonstrates that the bride was really not that good of a friend. 

To the OP:  For what it is worth, the bride made a horrible mistake in siding with her SIL.  Considering the groom's mother stated "Oh, she is just drunk," I am guessing that it is not unusual for the bride's new SIL to drink too much and to say rude things.  There is a good chance that the SIL will eventually say equally cruel things to the bride.   At that point, the bride will probably have burned so many bridges, she will not be able to find anyone to vent to about her awful SIL.


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