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And I've never even told my mom about this forum . . .

My mom's business does a lot of consulting work. Right now her company is working with Company X and Company X has some oversight in her project. Company X just hired a new guy to work with my mom and basically tell her everything she's doing is wrong and too expensive  ::)

Anyway, during the 'getting to know you' meeting the following conversation ensued:
New Guy: Well I'm going to warn you that I can be fairly abrasive
Mom: Meh.
NG: In fact I've been known to make people cry so I'll probably do that to you at some point
Mom: You're making the assumption I care enough about you and your opinions to let you upset me that much. I don't.
NG:  Uhhhhhhh . . . . . .

I know two rudes don't make a right, but I think my mom rocks.

I honestly wouldnt call that rude.  I'd call it direct and honest.  She just met the guy, there's no reason she should care about his opinion.  He's clearly a direct and frank person.  She responded to that.   :)

jmo, ymmv. 

Real Live Mermaids!:
Your mom's my new idol!!  ;D

Yep, a little rude. But she still rocks! What an awesome response!

I can't imagine telling someone I would make them cry. How is that professional? At that point I would warn him that if he tried, I would report him to his manager.


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