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Friend: Don't turn into a gosh darned bridezilla. We think you might.
Eden: What an interesting assumption.

I haven't asked anyone for anything or even named my bridal party. No one has actually done anything either except Sunny who went dress browsing with me a couple of times and Dancer who I talked weddings with a lot.

I'd be tempted to play with this one a little.

"You think I might? You've been discussing this among yourselves? What exactly have you been noticing that would signal my impending transmogrification?"

Was this a friend, or was it actually a relative who really meant, "We notice that you've indicated you are not planning on letting your mother dictate every detail about the wedding, and such social upheaval has us worried?"  ;)

It's a friend so I cut him slack and asked what made him think that and he basically told me that I've been very stressed and angry at the world. He's a dear but not terribly good with social skills and cues so I explained why it's okay to be concerned about me freaking out but not okay to tell me I'm going to become a psycho who thinks everyone exists to serve her.

He doesn't quite get the point of phrasing things more properly but he seems to get that bridezilla may be offensive because I explained what connotations it carries.

Basically he told me that he is concerned that I'm too stressed and worried. Which would have been a good thing to start with. *sigh* He's so lucky I know him or I would have reached through AIM and slapped him.

Watching TV with FH, we saw a Bride's tantrum.  He doesn't watch Bridezillas with me, but maybe it was a commercial.  I said to him, "I hope I don't do that."  He said, "Don't worry, you probably will."  Which was actually a relief, because I would hate to think of him getting second thoughts because I got a little upset. 

I love watching Bridezillas. Every time its on my H2B tells me I can't be like that during our wedding planning. It scares him a little bit. I find it the funniest thing ever.


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