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I notice that this line is coming up quite a bit.  At times its use suggests that the person who is exercising their "right" is in some way wrong for doing so, and in such cases it has a rather snarky ring to it.

When I worked in a call centre and someone said "I'm going to cancel my membership/complain etc" and we were not going to give them what they wanted, our standard response was "That is your perogative"

Most of the time it wasn't meant nicely. "That is your right" seems like a similar phrase.

It isn't exactly snarky to me, but I wouldn't use it unless I had to. This seems to be one of those phrases that usually has a 'but...' attached to it.

That is your right, but don't whine about it.

That is your perogative, but don't expect me to care.

That is your decision to make, but you get to take the consequences.

To me it says "I'm not arguing with you about whether you can do this. The question is whether you should."

Here's a variation. I think I handled it pretty politely, what say you?

I run the phones for my husband's business. I set up appointments, deal with customers, call to get prices on equipment, etc.

A few weeks ago I had to call a customer that my husband had an appointment with to tell him that he (my husband, that is) was running late and would be there are soon as possible. Now, in my husband's business (contracting work, mostly coolers but some handyman type stuff) it's almost impossible to give an exact time for appointments, but we try our hardest to stick to the schedule and I'm really diligent about calling customers to let them know if my husband is running late.

Well, this guy just started yelling at me. "You don't appreciate my time! I must not mean anything to you guys!!!" He ranted and raved for a good 5 minutes without letting me get a word in. Finally, when he took a breath, I said (more or less....) "We do value your time, which is why I'm calling you now. If you'd like to get your money back and have another company install your cooler for you, you can certainly go ahead and do that. However, Don is on his way to you and will be there as soon as possible. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience."

He backed down and grumbled that he just wanted Don there right away. When my husband got there, he was all smiles and happy, but with the office help, he could yell I guess.  ::)


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