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I've failed with this line in the past

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I've used this line in the past and the problem I've found with it is after you ask the question, the person will give you 5 insane reasons why, in their opinion, you'd want to do whatever it was.  Then what do you say?  You are stuck refuting crazy logic.  Please give the appropriate follow-up when people actually answer this question. 

Personally, I just laugh and say, "Wow, you're on a roll today!" and change the subject.

Bob Ducca:
Most of the time, people's responses really don't have anything to do with you.  I try and point out how all of their reasons "I" want to do it are actually reasons "someone else" doesn't.

"But surely you wouldn't want your mother to have to worry about that?"  Well, that explains why Mother wants me to do that, but not me.

"But it would be so much easier for you to do it than for me to do it!"  Welll, that explains why you want me to do that, but not me.

If they actually do hit on something that applies directly to you, you respond, "I'm sorry, you're mistaken. I don't want [that]."

Essentially, this line is for people who are telling you that they know you better than you know yourself, and you respond to the line by letting them know that they, in fact, do not.

Usually though (in my experience) the reasons are not reasons why *you* would want to do something, merely examples on how you doing it would cause less inconvenience to another person at a cost to yourself.

Could you groom my dog?
Why would I want to? (WWIWT?)
Because you're so good at it.
(But why would *I* want to do it? Are you going to pay me?)

Can you proof read my great american novel?
But you majored in english!

Watch my kids, Terror and Nightmate
Well you work out of the home.
(Right, I'm working. Why would I want to watch your kids when I can make money?)

You should let me carpool with you even though I don't pitch in for gas
Because I only live a mile out of your way.
(That doesn't make it more convenient for me to get to work.)

Unless the answer to WWIWT? is along the lines of 'because I'm going to compensate you for your inconvenience' then it's not really a solid comeback to WWIWT. You just have to be a little impervious to their brand of 'logic' until they come up with a reason that you would want to do a favor for them.

Just my $0.02


--- Quote from: madmusician on October 09, 2007, 02:29:11 PM ---Personally, I just laugh and say, "Wow, you're on a roll today!" and change the subject.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I'll try that next time. Now that I'm 'armed', I can use the line again!


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