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I'm a homebody type of girl. My goal in life has always been to have a family, and be a great mom, wife, cook. I'm getting a college degree (because I have a scholarship) but I'm thinking about going into accounting...yes, it will be boring, but useful, and I will work in a related field until I'm ready to settle down and have kids.

I'm really dreading telling my family. According to them, anything that requires less than a masters' degree is a waste of my intelligence. Becoming a mom and wife and raising a family is a waste of my intelligence. Getting a non-super-exciting job is a waste of my intelligence. DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY OWN LIFE is a waste of my intelligence.

Jeff is being very supportive of whatever I want to go into, whether it be going deep into debt in pursuit of a higher degree, or staying at my chocolate shoppe all my life because it's something I enjoy.

My mom and my sister are the main offenders here. They are of the opinion that, if you are intelligent, you're wasting your life if you don't go into a brilliant, high-income career. (Oddly enough, both are intelligent women but neither even graduated college. Now, my sister is a successful business owner.)

Could you please help with some "bean dip" variants to basically state "This is what I want to do, now leave me alone about it"?

I don't think bean dip is going to cut it on this one.  You're going to have to be more direct.  I recommend an appropriate time for one short speech.

"Mom, I appreciate that you want me to make the best of myself and my life.  This is the best thing I can do because it will make me happy.  Any other attempts at discussing this topic will be met by me leaving the premises. 

How about them Red Sox?" 

Does that cover it? 

When you find out, let me know.  I get the same from my mom all the time...

Bob Ducca:
"I'm intelligent enough to know what will make me happy."

Could you divert by mentioning something cool you learned in class?  An example I can think of from my own studies (got a BS in Advertising, or, as I like to refer to it, a BS in BS, LOL ;) ):

Mom: Butterflie, you really should go to law school.  You'd be much happier making all that money!
Me: Oh, hey, we learned this really cool thing in class today called "persistance of vision".  Our eyes actually "see" things for a bit longer than they last... like when you keep seeing a camera flash after it's gone off.  It's really the reason that things like TV and video work for us, because those media are a bunch of still images flashed at once and... (on and on)
Mom: Uh... cool. [Glazes over and proceeds to do that "uh huh" and nodding bit]


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