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I've mentioned the new girl in my office who's starting to drive me nuts.  I need to tape What an interesting assumption above my desk and start using it.  If not, I'm going to lose all the enamel off my teeth by grinding them when she comes up with her snarky comments.  The latest one happened yesterday. 

We had a fire drill at our office and all had to walk down 10 flights of stairs.  We used to be on the second floor of our building, but we moved up to the 10th floor in August.  Several years ago, I was in a very bad accident when I was hit by a car that ran a red light.  I was not in a car when I was hit; I was a pedestrian.  The accident left me with very bad knees, and I'm in some level of pain every day.  I have a lot of problems going up and down stairs as a result.  So, when the fire bell rang, I was less than thrilled about going down 10 flights of stairs, but I did it.  There actually was a small electrical fire going on on another floor.  We got as far down as the third floor when I felt a searing pain and my right knee buckled. 

"Wow, DCGirl, you're not in very good shape, are you?" she said.

I should have used the line, shouldn't I?  Instead I just picked myself up and kept limping down the stairs.

Personally, my evil half thinks you should have reached out and tripped her and said "Gee, annoyingnewgirl, you sure are clumsy, aren't you?"  That would be evil of me though, so yes, I think the line would have worked here. 

BTW, I hope your knees are feeling better after all that climbing.  I imagine my knees are probably not as bad as yours, but I know mine would be aching after walking down 10 flights of stairs.

For the sake of your health, can you ask your building management about contingency plans? I know our building does this - they only evacuate the floor above and below where the fire is located, they let disabled people use the elevators and evacuate them early, and they have a list of where they are located in case they cant use the elevators and they have to send up the firemen.  Also, they typically call the offices with disabled people and let them know if they really need to evacuate or if they can just stay put (note - this is when they have enough information to determine if a full evacuation is necessary, not when there is uncertainty)

And yes, it was a good opportunity to use the line.   ;)

I get the feeling this new girl is going to give you pleanty of chances to use this line. 

Evil Musician would have pulled out her clue-by-four and beat whacked her in the knees with it.

Sadly, that would not have been appropriate.  :'(


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