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Can the bean dip please stay in the fridge?

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I've noticed recently that the moment there is a disagreement the bean dip comments come out. I don't mean to single anyone out about it but I feel that frankly it's not necessary and kind of offensive - we're all reasonably mature here and we can handle disagreement just fine.

Please don't use the bean dip comments so insistently and frequently.

NOVA Lady:
Hear Hear! I especially feel it is offputting to newcomers to the board.


Ha....Eden - when I first read this thread title I thought it was a recipe question.  I agree though, that along with "what an interesting assumption" and "hot topic" (not, unfortunately, "hot poooocket") have all been used a bit too frequently of late, and in most cases they aren't even called for/being used correctly.  I think there is a temptation to use them at the slightest provocation to show that you are "part" of the board and "get" the joke, ya know?

I agree with you all here! What's the point in a discussion board if everyone is of the same opinion, there wouldn't be much to discuss now, would there!
So, the bean dip can stay firmly in the fridge.
Never liked bean dip much, anyway. I'm more of a salsa girl, myself.   ;)

IMO, the 'bean dip' comments seem to translate better IRL than a discussion board. 


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