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How often could we use this?  Child-rearing, job changing, house improvements, and the list goes on.  Specifically I'm thinking of pregnancy though (am currently in third trimester of first). 

"You should take some time off from work"
"You should prop your feet up for at least three hours per day"
"You should go for natural birth"
"You should absolutely get an epidural"
"You should take more [insert vitamin here]"

and my personal favorite:

"You should have waited."

I feel so hung over. 
"you shouldn't drink"
"now, why didn't I think of that?  Where were you last night when someone was handing me my 3rd tequilla shot of the night?"

Maybe in this kind of situation:

Person: When are you and BF getting engaged?
Me: I'm not sure.  But for me, knowing would take the fun out of it.
Person: You should ask him, or at least give him a deadline.  You've been together long enough!
Me: Now why didn't *I* think of that?

FWIW, BF and I have been together 7 years.  We talk about engagement and our future quite often.  But that's our business.  We talked about the deadline suggested and both agree it's something that, again, for us, would cause unnecessary pressure, and also ruin the fun of me being sweetly surprised.  Again, it's *our* business.

Ugh.  I *should* start using all these lines for when the topic comes up... it does almost weekly from various people.... :sigh:  I've taken to just answering "I'm not sure, you should ask him".

Some married people seem to think everyone else needs to be.  Fiancee and I will have been dating 7 years by the time we are married, not living together even, dating ;D

I get this allt he time form my co-irker about me a FH's year long engagement (Which,IMO, isn't that long)...I actually jsut got to use a vairance of this last week... ;D

Co_Irker: "You need to set a da*m date already!"

Me: "We will when we are ready."

Co-Irker: "Well, you really should get to it. A girl can't wait forever."

Me: (sarcasm on) "Ya know? That thought had never occured to me! Thank you! I will rush home right away and demand that FH set a da*n date! Budget be da*ned!" (sarcasm off)


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