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Used it Today!


My phone rang (too early for me) this morning. (close to 10, I think) It was a couple of old friends from my home state, who were on their way downstate to a memorial service. "Wanna come? We're ten minutes away right now!"

I'm in my PJs, the dishes aren't done, you woke me up! and you're going to be here when?!? I have plans today from two until midnight, but you seriously think I can just drop it all and go to Cincinnati? Keep in mind, I'm terribly introverted, and a bit of a people-pleaser. My entire HS career was spent with these two as a couple of my closet adult friends, and they think of me as the 'daughter that turned out right.' Cue giant GUILT light flashing in my head. "How can I say no? They're my friends...etc. etc."
Then, I remembered my manners and this board.  :P "I don't think that will be possible today. Would you want to get some breakfast when you get into town though?" And we did and it was fun, and I don't have to go to Cincinnati today after all!

I'm rather proud of myself, I have to admit. And it was really great to see them and not feel guilty.

Way to go! I am sure it was great to see them without having to go all the way to Cincinati and feel resentful inside for doing something you didn't want to do in the first place.

Yes, you did good. Because why did they wait until they were ten minutes away to invite you?

Maybe in the past they learned that you would drop everything to accomodate them. It may take a few more times before this lesson sticks, but I bet they start planning more carefully and showing you more consideration.


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