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Author Topic: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?  (Read 181 times)

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Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« on: Yesterday at 05:00:39 PM »
I'm a meat eater who would like to cut out meat from 90% of my diet. I'm searching for vegetarian recipes that have decent amounts of protein. I used to be vegetarian when I was a teenager, and at the time didn't care about whether what I was eating was healthy, or if it had a decent amount of protein. Could have gone the whole day eating french fries, in fact I'm sure I did in college. Nowadays if I don't get protein in me at nearly every meal I feel ill. So I would love some of your favorite vegetarian recipes that have a good source of protein and ideally are not too junky. **

For my contribution in case anyone else is looking for similar ideas, I have been obsessed with garbanzo beans lately. So today I made boxed couscous but added zucchini and garbanzo beans, and a little lemon and sea salt for flavoring. Oh and onions and garlic, which are a standard for almost every meal I make so I sometimes don't think about mentioning it :)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

**Amending the post to say that I would love recipes without protein too - because I just realized some of them could be vegetarian side dishes to the main dish. As long as it's tasty and favored by you, I'd love to hear your recipes!
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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 05:27:57 PM »
I've never gone full vegetarian but I often reduce the meat in our meals. For example last week I only cooked one meal with meat. Here's what I cooked:

Squasha and black bean tacos. Diced butternut squash and tossed with olive oil, cumin, salt and chilipower. Roast in the oven till slighly crisp. I heated and drained black beans and made squash and black bean tacos. Topped them with salsa and homeade southwestern ranch dressing*

Cauliflower alfredo (google the recipe) over zucchini noodles and added spinach and sun dried tomatoes to up the protein.

Lentil curry.

Pasta with brocoli, cauliflower and white beans

I also did eggs in purgatory

*I make it with Lebnah because of the probiotics using this recipe as a guide but I sub cilantro for the mint and add in cumin, chili powder and some diced jalepenos.


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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 05:50:37 PM »
I'm replying so that I can follow the thread as I'm looking for more meatless ideas for my family.

And also to share that when I asked for ideas from some friends of mine, two of them mentioned that they often do lentil tacos for dinner. They cook them in a skillet with taco seasonings and a little water until the lentils are tender and then use them in the place of taco meat.

I haven't yet tried it for my family, but thought I'd share the idea.


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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:25:15 PM »
I make black bean or tofu tacos at least once a week. Also enchiladas with refried beans, black beans or tofu. Quesadillas and nachos are a bit junkier if you pile on the cheese, but I often do nachos with beans and lots of veggies, minimal or no cheese.

Chili with lots of beans and/or lentils. Bean soup.

Eggs are a good protein source and very versatile -- add hard boiled eggs to salad (or make a mustard-based egg salad) or cook quiche or omelettes.

Tempeh or tofu in stir fries or curries in place of meat. Lots of vegetables, plus rice, potatoes or noodles.

Falafel in wraps, sandwiches or salads.

Add chickpeas, beans or lentils to salads, rice, pasta ... 


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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 06:48:10 PM »
My favorite non meat - protein heavy recipes include

Mac n cheese,
Chili with beans,
peas, edamame and green beans are high in protein and I add them to many dishes

Breakfast for dinner

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs !


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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 06:56:39 PM »
I made a soup from three ingredients plus spices: Medium chili beans, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, and fire-roasted corn (drained). Add water and spices and let combine for thirty minutes. It is delicious!
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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 11:37:01 PM »
I don't have recipes to post at the moment, but wanted to mention some other proteins to try:

- quinoa. I have a recipe somewhere for a summer salad style dish of cooked quinoa and diced fresh veggies, served cold. I've also made a curry dish of wild rice, quinoa, and lentils that I love, though no one else in the family does.

- faux meats and sausages, some are quite tasty. There's a faux chorizo that works well mixed with rice and veggies, we filled burritos with it.  The faux ground beef "crumbles" add heartiness to spaghetti sauce.  DH puts slices of vegan sausage on homemade pizza.  Don't fall for faux bacon though, I found it very disappointing!

- mushrooms. I just made veggie soup with rice, wild rice, mushrooms, shelled edamame, and the usual base of onion, carrot, and celery.  Not officially vegetarian since I use chicken stock, but it's a start!  People also swear by portabellos but I'm not very adventurous with mushrooms, I pretty much stick with cremini and white when I cook.

I don't like whole beans, except chickpeas, but I was taught by a chef to purée them and add to soups.  I use white or cannelini beans and it really thickens the soup (I love creamy soups) and you can't really taste bean over the other flavors.


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Re: Favorite vegetarian recipes with protein?
« Reply #7 on: Today at 03:37:14 AM »
There's a brand of meat-substitute products called "Morningstar Farms."  I absolutely adore their mini corn dogs, but their other products are also pretty good.

If I'm ordering a vegetarian pizza, I usually get pineapple, banana peppers, and green olives.  It makes for a nice blend of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors.

As far as make-at-home recipies, my favorite is pasta with sauteed peppers: Cut red, yellow, and orange bell peppers up into bite-size pieces and sautee.  Mix with your favorite red pasta sauce and serve over pasta.  Super easy, and super tasty.