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Picture thread

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Hi everyone!

I am new here so if this "isn't done" here please just let me know. I would like to start a thread for those of us who enjoy pictures to share what we've got. Right now there is a whole herd of elk in my yard and if anybody is interested, I would like to show you the pictures I took.

Anybody else like photos?

I will wait to start posting them, so that I'm not boring everybody to tears if you don't want to see them.  ;D

A whole herd of elk in your yard?

I, for one, would love to see it.

Modified to add: Time for a Coffee Break would be a good folder for that sort of thing, i think.

FW - Yes! Post them!

I will start by posting a pic of the HAWK that was in my yard a few weeks ago, feasting on a poor pigeon.  My little dog found some of the remnants - luckily we got to them before he did!


They're beautiful.
That's something i would never see in my "back-yard."


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