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Picture thread

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--- Quote from: LibraryLady on August 23, 2013, 03:27:52 PM ---Is it that cold already??? Or are you in the southern hemisphere?

--- End quote ---

Nah, not that cold, my children just have a strange tolerance for heat and cold.  One will wear long sleeves when it's 75 degrees while the other's wearing a parka but when it's 50 degrees out they're insisting they're "fine" in short sleeves and shorts.  ::)

Mental Magpie:
I think your kids and I would get along, Piratelvr. I'm outside sunbathing in a bikini and my phone says it's 68F. I'm in my office at work freezing and the thermometer says 72F.

Beautiful, TurtleDove! Congratulations!

Oh, I just found this thread and will be posting oodles of photos. I am just a point and shoot girl, but DH and DS like to get artsy.

Our 2008 Cruise to the Bahamas.

Sailing into port at Nassau, Bahamas.

Formal night, and we are in our finest clothes.

At the island.

This is a picture of me taken a few months ago, shortly after my 44th birthday (I took my glasses off for this one):

Mental Magpie:
What striking eyes!


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