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--- Quote from: LibraryLady on August 23, 2013, 03:27:52 PM ---Is it that cold already??? Or are you in the southern hemisphere?

--- End quote ---

Nah, not that cold, my children just have a strange tolerance for heat and cold.  One will wear long sleeves when it's 75 degrees while the other's wearing a parka but when it's 50 degrees out they're insisting they're "fine" in short sleeves and shorts.  ::)

Mental Magpie:
I think your kids and I would get along, Piratelvr. I'm outside sunbathing in a bikini and my phone says it's 68F. I'm in my office at work freezing and the thermometer says 72F.

Beautiful, TurtleDove! Congratulations!

This is a picture of me taken a few months ago, shortly after my 44th birthday (I took my glasses off for this one):

Mental Magpie:
What striking eyes!

Thank you :-*

Ironically I can barely see out of 'em... without really strong glasses I trip over curbs and cracks in the sidewalk!  This picture is one of the few that shows my eyes without a pair of minimizing Coke bottles in front  ;D


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