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Picture thread

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I would think it was beautiful if it wasn't the type of bird that could pick up my little dog, carry him away and eat him for lunch!

Actually, the hawk looks like a large robin red breast to me - but he had a much more evil look on his face! LOL  I tried to get a pic of his wing and tailspan, but he moved too quickly. 

Oh I LOVE taking and sharing photos!

Since the theme seems to be "nature," here are two of my nature shots - the first is the hawk that lives in my backyard, maybe he is friends with sparksals' hawk!

The second is this strange squirrel that also lives in my yard. His tail and body are two different colors!


Those pictures are gorgeous. Squirells are most of what i see lately. They dig up all my plants, but i love the little guys. They're so fun to watch play in the trees in Spring & Summer.

>sigh< those pics really make me miss living in a rural-type area.

YAY! I am so glad there is some interest here for the photo thread, and I am a nature girl all the way! I love the hawks, they are so beautiful aren't they? As you will see in the photos, I live in a great big meadow. In the summer, mice and other rodents abound, so the Marsh Hawks are EVERYWHERE!

This herd of Elk is called the Takhini Herd, named after the river that runs about 500m away from my house. The first picture is when they are wayyyyy on the other side of the yard from my house. I estimate about 110 of them as I got about half of them counted and gave up at 55!

These ones are a little closer. That's my house in the background.  :)


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