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Kosher meats...but it worked.


Bob Ducca:
My paternal grandpa was a grumpy, racist old coot that I couldn't stand to be around.  Once I was in my early 20's though, I found the chink in his armor...

Kosher meats.  He was passionate about good deli (and living in Houston, he frequently became enraged at the lack of deli quality) and would talk for hours about the difference between Kosher and non-Kosher meats, and why Kosher was the only way to go.

The first time he met DH, I brought up Kosher meats in the first 10 minutes.  Since my DH has a Jewish-sounding last name, Grandpa assumed he had found the perfect audience.  This tactic enabled DH to be in the same room with my grandparents for an entire Thanksgiving...

Sometimes, the diversionary tactics work really well.

I am glad you found something that worked! Sometimes it is not so easy to come up with a diversion on the spot. It sounds like you had a good plan in place!


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