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I think it's a little presumptuous of him to automatically expect to get four tickets.  All eight tickets are yours to do with as you will.  I personally never have a problem with sharing things with friends, I do start to have a problem when I begin to feel I'm being taken for granted.

I would just say "No, you get 4 & I get 4." & Rinse lather repeat.

If you say "That wont be possible", I am afraid they will start asking why. You don't want to give reasons beacause they will try to come up with ways to get around those reasons.

You are being nice to give him the 4 tickets; you don't really owe him that.
It was nice of you to use her DH as your guest.

Um- I think since you already said it, I'd give him his 4, but this would be the  last year for it.  AndI would use NO. And then...

I'd say - I've decided to use all of my tickets next year, so this is the last year I  will be giving them away.

  Not that you actually have plans for them -but he is being completely presumptious as if he is somehow entitled to *your* tickets.  No way. Free ride OVER.


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