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Author Topic: Throwing a baby shower  (Read 10518 times)

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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #15 on: January 30, 2007, 06:08:09 PM »
Never mind baby blankets, get sheets for the crib!  You can never have enough sheets, especially when the baby is in puking mode.

If she puts on a mattress cover and a sheet, and another mattress cover and sheet, she can whip off the top layer in the middle of the night and be done with it.

Also, one of those mesh zipper bags to launder small items in...Heaven knows, she'll have enough small items.

You can even toss in some socks, to "baby" up the gift.


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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #16 on: January 30, 2007, 07:49:50 PM »
"One thing that was done when I had my first child (9 years ago), each guest was asked if they wanted to participate in a "birthday wish shower" for my daughter. "

That is awesome.  My cousin is having her third child, so an auntie of mine is throwing a "baby sprinkle".  (Not a shower, per se, because it is her third child.)  It is an excuse for all of the aunties and cousins to get together for dinner.  We will all do a token gift, but know it isn't a gift grab.

She was so thrilled about the birthday wishes.  I asked her (just now) how many people were coming, and she said, 14, but the 5 and 8 year old are two of them.  We're going to give them years five and eight to give advice.  (The 8 year old can help the five year old, and I think it will make them feel terribly grown up, to be giving advice)

What a great idea!  Much classier than the poopy diaper games, and something that can be saved.


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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #17 on: April 04, 2007, 10:29:03 PM »
Thanks for all the suggestions!
There are so many now, that the shower is going to have to last for a long time so that we can try everything ;D
We decided to throw the baby shower at a friends house (she suggested it herself).
There are 5 of us involved in the shower and everyone who is attending volunteered to pitch in with whatever they can (Aaaw love my friends).
Also, the shower is going to happen a bit later, because the mommy-to-be wants to be "really pregnant" for it, so that gives us even more time to prepare.

I just found out that another one of my friends is also expecting, so now there is another baby shower coming up.  Between the 2 baby showers and 2 weddings that I'm invited to (+2 bachlorette parties), I think I'm going to be pretty broke soon :)


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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #18 on: April 07, 2007, 07:29:14 PM »
You know what food I really like for parties that doesn't break the bank?  Sandwiches.

I like to buy a loaf of french or italian bread (or several, depending on how many will be there) and add typical sandwich stuff:  sliced turkey, avocado, baby spinach, sliced cheese, etc.  You can always add some extra flavor by including fresh herbs (like fresh basil in an italian sandwich).  After that, just slice into several sandwiches.  The bread itself costs about a dollar per loaf at the stores around here and serves several.  You can adjust the cost depending on what ingredients you use.

Maybe I'm just a turkey provolone avocado junkie.

I also love a spring salad.  Spring greens with a couple handfuls of toasted nuts (walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, whatever) and some sliced strawberries or apples with a nice vinaigrette seems to work well.  Cheese like shredded (not grated) parmesan or crumbled feta is optional.

Cheap drink?  Frozen raspberry or strawberry lemonade with sprite (or store brand lemon lime soda).

Homemade white cupcakes taste more refreshing with a bit of lime curd (store bought or homemade) or a slice of strawberry on top of vanilla frosting.

I just love spring (and the menus that coincide).


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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #19 on: April 08, 2007, 07:02:58 PM »
I prefer baby showers at a home, it has more of a personal touch to it, is more comfortable, can relax on teh couch, or move around, not worry about cost, etc. if you can do it in a home. I would avoid having it at an apartment if possible, if that applies. Poeple have to find parking, and it can be a real hassle, climbing stairs, which I wouldnt recommend for people coming and going with gifts, esp a pregnant lady. A nice comfortable home where everyone can relax and take their time, and not worry about having to split up the bill i think is best. Restaurants can be fun, however, no clean up worry, but theres' the bill to worry about, it can be awkward. I have to say i did go to one nice shower at a restaurant, but the parents were wealthy (they threw their own shower..) so it was a very nice restaurant, was fun being waited on hand and foot by the wait staff, and t hey prepaid the bill for everyone, so that wasn't an issue


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Re: Throwing a baby shower
« Reply #20 on: April 08, 2007, 08:28:06 PM »

but the parents were wealthy (they threw their own shower..)


if you are "wealthy" WHY do you need to throw your OWN baby shower?

can't you just buy what you want?
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