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Clara Bow:
I'm not sure if this goes here. It is a hostess question at least in periphery. If not the mods please move it (again. They're going to start throwing things at me if I don't get this forum thing down) with my thanks.
Do you consider it an etiquette faux pas for a person to get drunk at a gathering? I don't mean hoot and holler night at the local bar, or frat-type party, I mean at a grown up party where alcohol is served? I have a friend who isn't having fun until she's had one too many and I think it's rude to get sloshed at someone else's home at an event not designed for such.
Now I can tolerate tipsy, or buzzed...but I mean drunk. Giggly and hanging all over hubby (big PDA) and just silly.
Now that I have a little one we don't do much adult only entertaining, but someday we will again.
So am I wrong to think that it's not polite to get plastered in public?

No, I agree with you.  I think etiquette is about making others comfortable (or at least not making them UNcomfortable).  If this woman is getting drunk enough to make others at the event uncomfortable, she has crossed the line into bad behavior IMHO. 

Usually someone over the age of about 25 who feels the need to get plastered at every event where alcohol is served has a drinking problem.  Most of us have grown out of this behavior by that age. 

I would think twice about inviting her to any gatherings at my home.

Evil Duckie:
No, it is not polite to get drunk in public. I was always taught that one is suppose to be in control of one's self when one is in public and you can't do that if you are drunk.

Being invite to people's homes and getting drunk is insulting to the host. People invite you to their homes for your company not to watch you get drunk and make a fool of yourself.

I don't mind if people have a drink or two just enough to get drunk, but I don't care to be around people when they are drunk. I am one of those people with a low tolerance of alcohol so I never drink more than one drink if I drink at all. Usually I drink soda or juice instead.

I agree that it is rude. Good etiquette requires us to be thoughtful and when you're drunk, your thinking is impaired.

I think it is not polite to get drunk in public to the point that you are not in control of yourself (not to mention not safe or healthy), especially if it makes others uncomfortable.


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