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"So Bienchen, I assume you are still taking BC pills?"

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Said my mom to me over the phone last weekend!?!?!?!  What?  "I just wanted to ask you something: I assume your still on the Pill?" 

I was slightly dumbfounded.  What would possess someone to ask such a thing?  And what exactly was she planning on say after I had answered?  Where was that conversation going to go?

I guess we'll never know, because I answered, "Uhhhh, [husband] and I have worked that out amongst ourselves."  Then she didn't say anything.

Seriously, Mom.

I suppose it's appropriate for your Dr to ask you, especially before prescribing antibiotics...

I don't think your mom's ready to be a grandma yet!

Maybe she's hinting that she wants to be a grandma?  ;)
Everytime I am ill (vomiting) or carsick, I get 'CRUD MONKEYS!, you're not pregnant, are you?!'
Well, was I pregnant when I was 8 and got carsick?  ;D


--- Quote from: mrsohanlon on October 25, 2007, 03:12:46 AM ---Maybe she's hinting that she wants to be a grandma?  ;)
Everytime I am ill (vomiting) or carsick, I get 'Oh my goodness! Goodness gracious me!, you're not pregnant, are you?!'

--- End quote ---

I used to get the 'You're not pregnant are you?' comments all the time when I was newly married. It happened every time I got a stomach bug or even if I wore something loose fitting. (I wasn't even big at that time)   ::)

Oh, Bienchen, tut mir leid.
it must be really annoying - well, I know it is  ::)

My mom and MIL are really good about this stuff and therefore they get told what the situation is, it's my SIL and my cousin who drive me up the wall. While we were dating it was: "so, you've set the date yet?!?!" now it's: "so, you're pregnant yet!?!?"  >:(

TMI warning:
I'm no longer taking it (no, we're not trying either, a long story that's even more TMI), and now I get the "so, you're pregnant are you" questions all the time because the totally screwed hormones make me retain water and cause nausea... I''m almost thinking of starting smoking again to 1) make them really wonder and 2) lose some weight


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