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Need Cornish Game Hen Crockpot Recipes


Anyone have any? I've checked the internet and have a few. I'm just looking for a quick, easy recipe. I'm in the process of moving and don't have time to mess around. Maybe a marinade crockpot recipe or a rub that you can do in a crockpot (though I don't know how that could work without some kind of juice or marinade.)

Anyhoo, thanks in advance.

Hi.  I have a semi-tested recipe my MIL tried last year in her crockpot and she said it was great!  It's from an easy chicken recipe I used to make in college.

To make the marinade, you combine one envelope of dry onion soup mix, one bottle of Russian salad dressing (the dark red kind) and one jar of your favorite preserves:  cherry is my fave, but apricot and orange both work well.  The key is to mix them very well together!

Salt and pepper the birds and rub the marinade over them.  Just put them neck side down in the pot and pour rest of marinade over them.  Cook on low for about 7 hours, re-marinading them every other hour or so.

This marinade really rocks because it has such a distinct combo of flavors and appears to be more complex than just those 3 ingredients.

It goes awesome with a wild rice mixture like that Uncle Ben's white and wild rice.

Sounds great! Thanks!


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