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I have a client that keeps wanting me to listen to her presentation on some nutrition products she "sells as a side business."  I have told her no already, because my professional association doesn't allow this. (It's the truth and a VERY convenient way out).  Yesterday she told me that her "representative" has said that LOTS of people in my profession are distributors for this stuff. The client then asked if she could have this person call me. Finding myself in a delicate situation because this is a client, I said, "OK" as it would be easier to say no to a non-client.

So this person called me today and I had the receptionist take a message. I regret telling this client it would be OK to give her my number, but I have trouble saying "no." (Which is why I like this forum!!)

I have in the meantime used Google to find out something about this person and her "nutritional products." First off, the woman (not the client) is into all kinds of astral stuff that is not my bag and pretty bogus in my opinion (charging people big $$$$ for "energy healing" over the phone or by proxy, for example. In other words people fork over their credit cards so that she can "tap into their energy fields" without their having to even be present).  Maybe some people think this is legit but she doesn't sound like someone I want to know.

Second of all, this line of nutrition products is indeed a multilevel marketing scheme, just as I suspected, and I will not be getting involved in that. End of story. Even if our professional association did allow vitamin sales, and if I DID want to get into it, I would be going to a reputable wholesaler for quality stuff at a fair price.

I do have to phone this person back now, given that the original client will probably ask about it, and that I did allow her to give out my phone number.

I just know that she will try to talk me into at least attending a "presentation" or "meeting for coffee."

Here is where I have to practice. "No." "I'm afraid that won't be possible." "I'm afraid my schedule just won't allow it." "I am not interested." "No, I won't waste your time because I won't be buying or selling vitamins." "Our association doesn't allow it." "No." "No." "No."

Perhaps I should look on this as an opportunity to practice saying no.

Btw I have a background in biology, biochemistry and nutrition, while this individual's qualifications are in something completely unrelated. It continually amazes me how many people claim to be experts in nutrition with no training on the subject.

Perhaps you should ask some very specific questions that would require some scientific data backup so when the person starts to run around their own tail trying to answer, then you can say "I'm sorry, I'm not convinced and have no time for it".

But then that would take too much of your time. Just say "Sorry, but I'm not interested and not allowed to get into it". "Against rules and regulations" - that should do it.

I have a friend who sells nutritional supplements from a MLM scheme. He was always trying to get me to listen to his presentation.
I simply said, 'No thank you, It doesn't interest me'
repeat as necassary (sp?)

As a side note, I did some research into the 'reputable' company that he was trying to sell me into, and found that the CEO is in prison for fraud, and 2 'health' supplements were pulled off the shelves as they had put prescription only medication in them. I pointed this out to my friend and he stopped bothering me after that. He was only interested in someone that took his word as gospel, not someone with a mind of their own to research the pro's and cons... but thats how these schemes work!

How about, "No, I don't particpate in multi-level marketing schemes."


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